NaPoWriMo Escapril 2019

Every April, writers and poets get their writing utensils ready, sharpen keyboards, iron out napkins in pubs before scrawling their deepest darkest thoughts and then they all upload them to instagram with a click of a button anyway.

This has been my fifth consecutive year participating in National Poetry Writing Month, but this year instead of doing just one challenge of writing any poem every day, or using a prompt by my poetry lecturer Carrie Etter, I tried out Savannah Brown’s “Escapril” prompts:

I tried to stick to the theme but some days it just didn’t flow as well in that particular direction, so after a few attempts (and other poems that are now residing in my Evernotes folder), I manged to post a poem a day for a month.

As the challenge was started on Instagram, that’s where I disseminated them. And because Instagram is a very visual medium, I wanted to showcase where I wrote the poems alongside the poetry (and also to not clutter my account with 30 pictures of different cafes). However, it turned into aesthetic pictures that fit into my instagram style with a poem that I often wrote between 11pm and 2am.

So here are all the poems I wrote, in the order that I wrote them. I hope you enjoy!

So that’s (almost) all of them! If you’ve made it this far, you may have noticed that #22 is missing. This wasn’t intentional; I got confused with my backlog of posts when I was catching up and it would have been too much hassle to delete some and then post #22 without ruining the narrative.

Until next year!