Blog Tour and Review – When In Rome by Sarah Adams

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 Review – When in Rome by Sarah Adams

This small town love story follows a famous pop star who needs an escape and winds up in Rome, Kentucky, after being inspired by Roman Holiday. She winds up on the neighbourhood grump’s porch after her car breaks down and he puts her up. As feelings boil to the surface and a timer is placed on Amelia’s time in Rome, would she have a quick fling before leaving to go on tour or will she stick around to make a change?

The story of Amelia and Noah is the perfect read for autumn, as the cosy atmosphere of small town life and the pie shop make you feel warm and fuzzy. Both our main character and love interest have had their messy pasts and have issues that they needed to overcome. Amelia has been overly accommodating to all the events, appearances and tours her manager signs her up to, while Noah has stayed in this town and taken over his grandmother’s bakery after she could no longer work. They both have hesitations despite the growing attraction and tension between them.

I’ve read Sarah Adams pretty widely, and despite falling in love with The Cheat Sheet earlier this year, When In Rome has coveted its place in my favourites list. It’s such a fun, gentle and soothing story. It pokes fun at the tropes of grumpy/sunshine, and the premise of small-town living, with nosy neighbours, but also helps our main characters work through their issues together and communicate openly about their problems and come to a solution. It’s a pleasant depart from the miscommunication trope all too prevalent in romantic comedies.

This is the perfect autumnal read, I have no doubt I will be revisiting this book on cosy evenings in. I am very much excited about what Sarah Adams has coming up next and you can bet I’ll be first in line to read it!

I wanted to say a massive thank you to Isabelle Wilson and the Headline team for inviting me to get involved with this Blog tour and for sending me a final copy prior to publication. I also want to thank the team for approving me for a digital ARC on NetGalley prior to receiving a physical copy.

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