Blog Tour – The Player Next Door by Elizabeth Davis

Thanks to Isabelle Wilson at Headline @headlinebooks and @NetGalley for providing me with a copy in advance of publication. ๐Ÿ“š

I’m so excited to be taking part in this blog tour! I’ve loved I Love You, I Hate You by Elizabeth Davis when I read it earlier this year and I was so excited to find out she had another book coming out. Another classic enemies-to-lovers trope with a convenient elevator trap, they hatch a scheme to prove to everyone they are who they want them to be. Will it work as a ruse, or will they get sucked in with feelings?

This is an excellent rom-com and definitely worth a read to all those who love a bit of ๐ŸŒถ with their cartoon covers. This will add a frequently checked out addition to my own personal home library and I can’t wait to lend it out to all of my friends!

Synopsis: Logan Walsh doesn’t do relationships.
Clare Thompson doesn’t do casual.
What could possibly bring them together?

Finance bro Logan and tabletop game designer Clare couldn’t be more different. They know this because their apartments face each other, and they’ve noticed. But not, you know, in a creepy way.

Still, when they get stuck in the elevator together, sparks fly and they each see an opportunity: Clare needs her co-workers to believe that she is capable of a one-night stand to get them to buy into her new role-play character, and Logan needs a steady girlfriend to prove his maturity to his boss.

After one night together, they’re keen to get on with their respective plans. Except Clare can’t understand why her hook-up seems to want to date her, and Logan is confused that Clare isn’t responding to his flirting.

A kiss in the rain might clear up any confusion over their chemistry, but this whole ‘relationship’ thing is a two-player game, and both want to win. With their hearts and their pride on the line, could the prize be love?

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