Eliza Burmistre is a MA European Culture graduate from the University of Kent, Paris School of Arts and Culture. She has previously studied at Bath Spa University and completed her BA Hons Creative Writing and Publishing.

Eliza has a passion for international relations, linguistics, culture and sustainability, which comes through in her work, writing and personal ethics. Much of her life has been spent abroad and communicating in foreign languages, which is covered both in her poetry, but also fiction and short films. She follows a #ZeroWaste lifestyle to save the environment for future generations.

Eliza has had much experience in events management and social media marketing strategies so far, as part of her BA programme. She was the intern for Rhyme and Reason Poets in late 2016 and Assistant Director from 2017. In regards to a poetry career, she has headlined at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Rhyme and Reason Poets in early 2016 and Paris Lit Up in 2017.

During her MA, a large focus of her studies was focused on European identity politics, with a dissertation topic of: “Studying the Perceived Markers of European Identity and how they have Changed over the Course of the 20thand 21st Century”. This was written in conjunction to undertaking a 6 month internship at the OECD in the Education department.

In 2016, Eliza was editor of Shelf Magazine, launching the very successful first issue in May. Since graduation from a BA in Creative Writing in 2017, she has been the Poetry Editor at DNA Magazine UK, and the 2017/2018 Editor-in-Chief of The Menteur Magazine in 2018. While working on independent projects in publishing, she is aspiring to work in production in the publishing industry.

Other projects include designing app prototypes, graphic design, freelance translations and logo design for personal use and company branding. Professionally, Eliza has had experienced with communications, events management, social media marketing strategy and administrative tasks.

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