Clairvoyant Chronicles

This was a 2 month project as part of the Audience and the Fiction module online community project. I created a community based on the novel Pivot Point by Kasie West.

The project was created in several parts, due to the book’s split and simultaneous plot structure. The main site Clairvoyant Chronicles acted as a fanbase site that compiled all the information about the characters down each path of Addie’s life. There was as well an all ‘official’ communications site from the government of the Compound, called the Bureau of Paranormal Activity.

There was a Clarivoyant Chronicles Twitter page for consolidating all the fan posts and Compound Twitter notices, as well as a Clairvoyant Chronicles Tumblr page for interacting with fans on the platform.

I picked these two social mediums mostly because they suited the characters during the creation of this project. Tumblr was used for the version of Addie who moved Texas, outside of the Compound, as the new group of friends she was in was more artistic, which the platform supported more than others at the time, and it was also a way to provide a disconnect between her and her old friends. Then I used Twitter and Instagram for the version of Addie who stayed in the Compound as that was more choppy, short and snappy, in regards to replies and also her rebellious attitude at the time.

In total, there were two Instagram accounts, five Twitter accounts and six Tumblr accounts for the main characters to bring their dialogue to a more digital medium. Additionally, I also created Spotify playlists for each of the character’s moods and fan playlists of the theme of the books as well, totaling 15 playlists.

In order to present the Compound as a digitally advanced society, I created online meditation and skill building courses in video form that the sudents would hypothetically use as study materials outside of lessons.

From a fan perspective, I made two quizzes on Playbuzz about who readers would be if they had skills in the Pivot Point universe as well as polls on Twitter abuot who fans would want Addie to choose.

This project was a very in-depth exercise in creating online communities and growing them from a small community into a bigger one with taglines and hashtags that I chose, placing myself into the mindset of these very different characters, really fleshing out a backstory that wasn’t in the books, and writing content in their unique voices. It was a challenge setting up a marketing plan and all the social media accounts, but, while managing the social media accounts daily, I managed to really engage and create genuine connections with fans around the world about a book series we all really enjoyed. While creating content specifically meant to interact with fans of the series, I had the opportunity to contact more creative people who were creating incredible pieces of art for the fun of it and love of the series, and I commisioned some pieces of art to post on various platforms.

Thank you, Kasie, for lending me your characters! I feel like I know them better than before and they are very dear to me now, as I can imagine they are for you!

Compound Accounts:

Addie: Twitter, Instagram, Laila: Twitter, Instagram, Duke Rivers: Twitter

Texas Accounts: 

Addie: Tumblr, Secret Tumblr, Laila: Tumblr, Trevor: Tumblr, Rowan: Tumblr

WordPress Accounts: 

Clairvoyant Chronicles: Fanpage, Twitter, Tumblr,

Bureau of Paranormal Activity: WordPress, Twitter

Additional Websites: 

PlayBuzz Quiz, Compound Containment Procedures, Power Directory, Youtube Channel, Minecraft worldbuild, History of the Compound, Governmental Structure


For any additional queries about the scope of this project, please email me.