Review – One Night With You by Laura Jane Williams 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Review – One Night With You by Laura Jane Williams #OneNightWithYou @HarperCollinsUK

Thanks to HarperCollins UK Audio and NetGalley for providing me with a proof copy in advance of publication.

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Synopsis: When a sofa on Facebook Marketplace leads you to your soulmate, but they’re moving across the country, what do you do? This is the story of Ruby and Nic, as he moves down to London while she moves north to Manchester. They spend one night together after he buys her sofa and they lose touch. After they can’t stop thinking about each other for months that follow, their mutual friend Jackson puts them back in touch. They get to know each other over silly rhyming poems in text messages and flirty comments under Instagram pictures, and they almost take the step to become something more. When a life-changing event threatens to split them apart, will they find their way back to each other? 

I loved everything about this story. I think Laura Jane Williams has done it again. This was a funny, feel-good, sexy contemporary romance, where the characters had a lot of depth, internal and external conflict and you were really rooting for them as a couple. I loved their rag-tag team of friends and family, all of whom made the book that much more interesting. They added support, additional conflict, and interesting side-plots which helped us learn so much more about the characters themselves. 

I thought the audiobook was especially interesting and really fun to listen to. I loved their distinct accents, as Nic is from Liverpool and Ruby’s family are from near Manchester. This is definitely my favourite of Laura Jane Williams’ books and I’ve read 4 of her romance novels already! I loved how there was a prominent debate of fate vs choice throughout the novel and I felt that it both felt like kismet to the reader and at times also empowered the characters to act. 

I’ll definitely be recommending this book to anyone who loved a good rom-com. I could easily imagine this as the next Hating Game style adaptation for Netflix and I would honestly watch it repeatedly because of how good the dialogue was and how great the chemistry between the two romantic leads was. 

Have you read any of Laura Jane Williams’ books before? Let me know what you thought below!

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