Review – The Yoga Manifesto by Nadia Gilani

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Review – The Yoga Manifesto by Nadia Gilani #TheYogaManifesto

This story is a memoir, a guide to the history of yoga, and a commentary on the modern yoga space and audience. It was insightful to read about how much yoga helped the author during darker times in her life, such as an ED, toxic relationships and alcohol abuse. I also thought about her criticisms of prominent yoga leaders (and their sketchy pasts with SA) and the capitalised industry of the 2010s and how it has become whitewashed and westernised, losing a lot of the spiritual aspects of the practice, were really apt and valid.

I’ve always been interested in yoga, though I’ve mostly practised it for the exercise benefits. Reading this book, and learning more about Gilani’s experience and her journey with yoga, really made me appreciate how important the spiritual side of yoga is and how beneficial it could be to a person.

Gilani taught me so much about the different types of practices, their history, as well as the meanings behind the names for each pose, that Namaste doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with yoga, it is a greeting in Sanskrit meaning “I bow to you”. I really enjoyed the fact that it was part memoir, part guide and part info dump in the best way possible. It felt informative and thorough, but with a personal touch and suggestions on how to start.

I’ll definitely be keeping this in my mind as I get back into practising yoga more mindfully. I’m still recovering from a relatively recent (but fairly traumatic!) injury, so I still have trouble getting into some positions that rely heavily on arm strength, but these foam pads and thicker mat have really been helping me with limiting injuries. And of course, I had to pull out my matching little workout set and the leggings with pockets! While I’m not fully confident about leading a practice myself, I have been relying on the DownDog app to lead me through a flow that felt comfortable, focused on the necessary areas and at the right level and speed for my experience and skills.

This review has been made possible thanks to Bluebird Books and Pan Macmillan for providing me with an Advance Reader’s Copy. I received a physical proof and a digital review copy on @NetGalley, where I will be copying this review.

Do you practice yoga? 🧘‍♀️

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