Rhyme and Reason

Not long after starting my first year of my BA at Bath Spa, I got involved with the premier spoken word night in the city. Over two years, I had become established enough to headline and later the directors asked me to be the Intern for the 2016-2017 season.

I was very honoured to be asked, accepted immediately and got to working on the social media presence, documenting the evenings in full and a rebrand of the company, which hadn’t been done since its creation three years prior. A full account of my internship can be found here.

During my time as intern, I grew the social media following 1.5 times, which is significant in a city as small as Bath, for a fairly niche business. I also initiated the creation of merchandise, addition of new nights and headliners, as well as several other innovations that have helped the business boom since.

The year after my internship, I stayed on as Assistant Director, advising the new interns, giving technical support and helping in whatever way was necessary so that the new interns could also pick up the necessary skills and make the role their own. I stepped down on June 1st 2018 after a year of helping the team out remotely.

Their social media can be found here:

Facebook: Rhyme and Reason Poets

Email: rhymeandreasonpoets@gmail.com

Instagram: @RARpoets

Twitter: @RARpoets

Youtube: Rhyme and Reason Poets

Tumblr: rhyme-and-reason-poets.tumblr.com

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